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The Artist Place, LLC

Purchase & Commission
Art Work

If you are interested in having a Lifecast, Photo Shoot, Sculpture, Portrait created, or making a purchase of existing work, send an e-mail to:


Please note: I do not work from photographs, ever. Do not ask me to create a painting, sculpture or other work from a photo.

Schedule A Lifecast Appointment

via email to: artist@theArtist.place

Because supplies must be ordered per project, I am unable to accept walk-ins.

Cost depends on type and quantity of material used: Plaster, Plastic, Silicone, Resin, etc...

There is additional time for pouring the cast, depending on cure time of the material used, which is typically several hours.

Finished lifecasts will have to be picked up a day or more later. Shipping may be arranged at an additional cost.

I am not able to accept checks for payment.